What are Scam Jams?

A Scam Jam is an event featuring experts in fraud prevention. If you attend, you will learn about local and current scams, how to recognize fraud, and how to prevent losing your hard earned money to a con artist. They also provide an opportunity to connect with elected officials and law enforcement.

Is there a cost to attend?
Scam Jams are free and most include lunch and beverages. Registration is required, seating is limited and the public is invited.

Where are Scam Jams held?
They are held throughout Idaho.  Check back for announcements to learn if one is coming to your community.

Due to COVID-19, will Scam Jams be held virtually?
In order to keep people safe and still fight fraud, Scam Jams are going virtual throughout the pandemic.  



Check back soon for upcoming events!

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Informative and knowledgeable speakers on the latest scams, overall excellent presentations.

     –Coeur d’Alene attendee

I took 5 pages of notes on this presentation and learned a lot. Very interesting. The Attorney General is a great speaker. I feel more optimistic that we can resolve the problem of fraud.

     –Pocatello attendee

All topics were great, however, very scary.

     –Lewiston attendee

I really learned a lot of new and interesting stuff. Very Informative and motivated me to look even closer at my Medicare quarterly reports.

     –Pocatello attendee