The Idaho Scam Jam Alliance (ISJA) is a broad-based coalition of non-profit organizations and state agencies with the goal of educating and arming the public with the tools they need to identify and stay protected from fraud and identity theft.

Who are the members of the ISJA?
  • AARP Idaho

  • Better Business Bureau

  • BSU Center of the Study of Aging

  • Idaho Attorney General’s Office

  • Idaho Commission on Aging

  • Idaho Crime Prevention Association

  • Idaho Department of Finance

  • Idaho Department of Insurance

  • Idaho Legal Aid Services

  • Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults

  • Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors

  • Senior Medicare Patrol Program

How does the ISJA help Idahoans stay protected from fraud and identity theft?

The primary function of the ISJA is to educate Idahoans through events called Scam Jams. Scam Jams are full day interactive conferences in various communities throughout Idaho that feature national, regional and local fraud experts. The ISJA believes that problems are solved when people start talking. By having conversations at the community and local level, people are more equipped to spot and avoid scams.

In addition to breakout sessions and speakers, Scam Jam participants also receive literature and other materials to share with friends and family to help them identify fraud and protect against victimization.

Scam Jams are important because con artists have several ways of stealing hard-earned money, including phishing scams, tech-support scams, gold coin scams, oil and gas scams, sweepstakes and lottery scams, grandparent scams and many more. Although their methods are different, research shows that the tactics scammers use are the same.

The access to information that the Scam Jams provide is invaluable in the fight against fraud at the local level and across Idaho.

How much does it cost to attend a Scam Jam?

Scam Jams are always free! This includes parking, a light breakfast, complimentary lunch, and prize drawing.

Are Scam Jams only for older adults?

No. While con artists may target older adults more frequently, fraud affects everyone regardless of age.

The information provided by Scam Jams cuts across age and gender specific boundaries; helpings all age-groups to protect themselves against fraud.

Where do Scam Jams take place?

Scam Jams take place in communities all across Idaho. Last year the ISJA held an event in Boise. The prior year events were held in Lewiston, Rupert, Weiser and Hailey. In 2016 events will be held in McCall, Coeur d’Alene, Preston, and Salmon.

How is the ISJA differentiated from other fraud prevention organizations?

The Idaho Scam Jam Alliance is compiled of state and non-profit organizations whose talents and expertise have a broad statewide impact. Bringing all of these groups together in a singularly focused effort to protect Idahoans from fraud is an extremely effective approach to reach Idahoans no matter where they live.

How is the ISJA funded?

The ISJA is funded internally by the member organizations and is completely voluntary. The work done by the ISJA is above and beyond the scope of work that the members have within their own organizations. The ISJA does not, nor will ever, charge for events or seek to make a profit. ISJA events do not allow marketing by sponsors or vendors in any event.

How big of a problem is fraud?

The latest research from Javelin Strategy and Research shows that more than $16 billion was stolen from about 13 million victims in 2014. It is estimated that older adults are bilked out of about $3 billion every year but these numbers are difficult to quantify because fraud victims are more likely to not report these crimes over fears of being embarrassed or ashamed.